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AI machine ART is a unique generative art NFT on the Ethereum network. NFTs are created using neural networks and artificial intelligence. Unique, non-interchangeable, paintings have collectible value, the paintings themselves allow to expand the facets of creative people's consciousness, giving them a new user experience. The quality of the paintings created, allows them to be printed and present their unique creativity to museum and exhibition visitors.

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Open generation NFT for all

We are working to make our technology available to everyone. You can set the parameters of a neural network and in a few steps create a high-resolution picture with the help of our system. After that you will be able to create NFT in the blockchain of your choice. You can sell the created NFT both on our marketplace and send it to OpenSea, SuperRari, Solsea. Using bridge technology, you will be able to flip NFTs from one blockchain to another to change your NFT sale options.

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NFT Puzzle Technology.

How to make extra money from a liquid NFT picture. You can load it into a puzzle editor and create from your NFT in Ethereum, parts of your NFT in Polygon. Each piece will be an independent NFT with its own value. The person who assembles all the pieces will also have access to the source image for printing. Once you create the puzzle, the liquidity of the NFT parts will be added to the current liquidity of your token. The number of copies of each piece is up to you, the base value of the piece is determined from the current liquidity of the NFT token.

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